Saturday, April 18, 2009

life out of boredom?

i have heard enough that when you love someone, you will do whatever it takes for that love. i did once and i call it unconditional love. the love towards my mother. until the day she passed away in front of me. there was that moment i pray harder and harder. how i wished she will stay with me forever. and started thinking how my life would be without her. and i will hold that love til the day i die.

not only the loves we have to our family but our friendship as well. a friend who would stay by your side through thick and thin. who will woke up in the morning to lend their ears for the stories they had had enough to listen. we build friendship with trust, love and respect. and that friendship will last forever.

and that LOVE. when someone has caught your eyes. when your heart pounding hard the moment you see him. that someone you want to share your life with. and starts asking yourself - is he the right person for you? and wondering if that someone would do whatever it takes for you. because you've been searching (or hunting perhaps) for the right person for you. and finally you did. and he proposed you to marry him.

but what if, there is a twist in your life...and the only choice you have is to let it go?
that when you learn to love someone, you have to learn to letting go?

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